BIVIT ITALIA service is mainly dedicated to animal nutrition (feed formulation and nutrition management). BIVIT ITALIA also  provides its customers with consultancy for animal health, laboratory analyses, regulations, quality procedures, etc. To accomplish all these purposes, BIVIT ITALIA is supported by a team of experts. This kind of approach guarantees a flexible adaptation to the continuous market changes.


BIVIT ITALIA leads its customer to the most proper answer for his requirements. After a deep study of his requests, feeds and premixes are specifically developed and customized. Relying on several years of experience BIVIT ITALIA can guarantee high quality products keeping an eye on the economical issue.


During 2002 BIVIT ITALIA had its Quality System certified in conformity to regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. BIVIT ITALIA has implemented and still has a Quality Management System in compliance with FAMI-QS Standard Code of practice for feed Additive and Premixture Operators. Furthermore BIVIT ITALIA can certify all its production range in accordance with the Eu sanitary requirements GMPs.


A constant innovation is the driving force for development and growth for every company. BIVIT ITALIA is constantly looking for new ideas to create new innovative products. The conditio sine qua non before formulating new products is a strong and deep scientific study supported by ethic and ecological criteria safeguarding both the final user’s (the animal) health  and its customers’ profit.