The Company

BIVIT ITALIA is kept a medium-size company on purpose, to achieve a more aware approach to the market.

Thanks to an independent and creative way of thinking, BIVIT ITALIA is highly flexible and adaptable to market-imposed changes.

BIVIT ITALIA produces complementary feeds and premixes in powder, water soluble and liquid form and innovative solutions aimed to the nutrition of all kind of animal species.

BIVIT ITALIA works out solutions and proposals starting from each customer specific needs, elaborating the best solutions to different commercial and technical problems which characterize the zootechnical and feed industry.

Many years of experience are the background of  the “integrated assistance” concept.
BIVIT ITALIA supports its customer in every aspect of his activity, providing a wide range of services thanks to the presence of nutritionists, veterinarians, a certified laboratory for feeds and raw materials analysis and experts in HACCP plans.

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